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Cheeze Wizards
  • How does dueling work?

    In Cheeze Wizards, winning a duel is how your Wizard gains power.

    During Phase II and III of the tournament, there are three duel windows each day. During these three-hour periods, you can challenge as many Wizards as you like to a duel, and once they agree, you both choose five spells. Once both players choose their spells, the duel takes place and Wizards cast their spells over five rounds.

    • You win the round by casting the element that is effective against your opponent’s elemental spell.
    • You lose the round if your opponent casts the element your elemental spell is weak to.
    • The round is a draw if both Wizards cast the same element.

    The Wizard that deals more damage wins the duel. The winner receives a portion of the losing Wizard’s power proportional to their victory.

  • How do I start a duel?

    To challenge another Wizard to a duel, your Wizard must be in the tournament, and the challenge must be issued during a dueling window. You can challenge multiple Wizards at once, but the first one to accept your challenge is the one you will duel. We recommend challenging Wizards who are online and have a power similar to your Wizards.

    You cannot challenge another Wizard if your Wizard is ascending or in the middle of another duel.

  • What spells can I cast in a duel?

    There are three spell elements in Cheeze Wizards, and each has a strength and weakness.

    • Fire is effective against wind and weak to water
    • Water is effective against fire and weak to wind
    • Wind is effective against water and weak to fire

    You and your opponent start a duel by choosing your five spells. Once both parties choose their spells, the duel takes place over five rounds, with spells cast in the order they were chosen. If your Wizard cast a fire spell in the first round and your opponent cast a wind spell, you will win that round.

    If you do more damage than your opponent, you win the duel, and your Wizard gains a portion of the losing Wizard’s power proportional to their victory!

  • What happens if I lose a duel?

    If your Wizard loses a duel, your opponent gains a portion of your power proportional to their victory. If your opponent completely defeats you, they will gain all of your Wizard’s power and your Wizard will be removed from the tournament. If your Wizard’s power drops below the blue mold’s power as the result of a loss, your Wizard will be removed from the tournament.

    Just because your Wizard is out of the tournament doesn't mean it's gone: each Wizard is a non-fungible token, which means it's yours to own and use as you see fit, forever. You can recharge your Wizard for use in a future tournament, keep it as a collectible, or sell it in a secondary market like OpenSea.

  • What is a duel key, and why do I need to save it?

    The duel key reveals your spells. This process is usually automatic and it's unlikely that you will need to use your duel key, but we still recommend you always save it somewhere safe. To prevent the key from being discovered and abused by potential cheaters, we cannot email it to you or keep it on our server.

  • Why do I need to enter my duel key?

    Your duel key reveals your spells, which allows your duel to take place. You typically need to enter your duel key if:

    • You're on a different device
    • You cleared your internet cache
    • The Cheeze Wizards website is down
  • Why does Cheeze Wizards want permission to display browser notificaionts

    To figure out the results of the duel, we need players to reveal their spell selection on to the blockchain after both players have selected their spells.

    This requires each player to do this manually by clicking on a reveal button. This manual step can be automated if Cheeze Wizards has notifications permission in your web browser. This is because Cheeze Wizards can use the notification permission to wait for both players to select their spells and automatically reveal your spells on the blockchain without the need for you to click the reveal button. If the browser is open and notifications are enabled we can send a notification that triggers automatically doing the work behind the scenes.

    This will help ensure that you do not lose a duel by forgetting to reveal your spells.

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