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Cheeze Wizards
  • What is a Cheeze Wizard?

    A Cheeze Wizard is an immortal being of immense power and pettiness. They can be summoned by offering up enough ether to become your forever friend.

    Every Cheeze Wizard is a cryptocollectible and non-fungible token (or NFT). That means any Wizard you summon is yours, forever, to enjoy as you see fit.

  • How do you summon Wizards?

    First, you need to log into Cheeze Wizards. You will need both a wallet (we recommend Dapper) and some ether to summon a Wizard. Then just head to the Summoning Pool, pick the Wizard you want, and wait for the magic to happen!

    Since the tournament is over and the summoning pool is closed. Collect a Cheeze Wizard by visiting OpenSea

  • What kind of Wizards can I summon?

    You can summon a Neutral Wizard for a fixed price, or you can summon an Elemental Wizard (Fire, Water, or Wind), with the price increasing for each one already sold. Note that the starting power of a Wizard is tied to its price!

    When a Wizard is summoned, it’s born with special traits and equipment of varying rarities, but only the Wizard’s power and elemental affinity affect duelling.

    All Wizards can cast all elements. However, elemental Wizards are extra powerful at casting their native element—but when they’re casting their native element, they’re extra vulnerable to its weakness too!

    Neutral Wizards have no particular strengths or weaknesses, and their art tends to be… well, a bit more basic.

  • How long does it take to summon a Wizard?

    Conducting actions on blockchain technology isn’t instantaneous so some patience may be required. If a summoning action is taking forever or fails, you may have manually set the gas limit too high, but someone probably summoned that Wizard before you got to it.

    If your summoning action is successful, the Wizard belongs to you and will show up shortly.

  • When my Wizard is knocked out of the tournament, do I lose it forever?

    No! Wizards are immortal and yours forever. When a Wizard is knocked out of the tournament, they are simply tired—your Wizard remains in your wallet and can be used in future gameplay as well as third-party applications.

  • Can I buy or sell Wizards?

    Yes. In addition to summoning new Wizards via the Summoning Pool, you can buy and sell Wizards on secondary markets like OpenSea. Note that these are independent sales and players set their own prices.

    If you power up a Wizard but can’t attend the remainder of the tournament, that’s okay! You can sell your powered-up Wizard to another player via a secondary market.

  • Can you transfer power from one of your Wizards to another one?

    Yes, you can have one of your Cheeze Wizards transfer their power to another one of your Wizards.

  • Why is my location preventing me from summoning a Cheeze Wizard?

    Any jurisdiction where applicable laws prohibit playing Cheeze Wizards for any reason will be blocked. That means players in the following locations cannot summon Cheeze Wizards or participate in the tournament.:

    • Canada
    • The following states in the USA: Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee

    Sorry, even if you have a friend from somewhere else send you a Wizard, you will not be able to win the tournament.

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