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Cheeze Wizards
  • When does the tournament start and end?

    The first Cheeze Wizards tournament has officially ended on December 2nd, 2019. Any future tournaments will be announced here.

  • What are the phases of the tournament?

    There are three phases to the Cheeze Wizards tournament:

    Timing for each of the phases are determined beforehand by the tournament organizer. Each of the phases are meant to encourage playability. Preparing for each phase is crucial in increasing your chances of winning.

  • How do you win the tournament and become the Big Cheeze?

    The last and most powerful Wizard in the tournament wins. They are crowned the Big Cheeze, and they receive both the honor and ether that comes with the title.

    In addition to the Big Cheeze prize, there will be side quests and party prizes to pursue. And if you power up a Wizard but don’t want to wait to become the Big Cheeze, you can sell your powered-up Wizard to another player via a secondary market.

  • How much ether goes to the Big Cheeze?

    The title of Big Cheeze comes with a whole lot of cheddar.

    Every time a Wizard is summoned, half of the amount spent on the summon goes to the Big Cheeze prize. The remaining half will go to party prizes, quest rewards, and gas and production costs tied to Cheeze Wizards.

  • What is the blue mold, and how does it affect my Wizards?

    Blue mold enters the tournament during the third and final phase, overtaking Wizards with less power and making them too tired to continue the tournament.

    During the third and final phase of the tournament, blue mold begins to take over Tournament Tower. If your Wizard has less power than the blue mold, they’ll be removed from the tournament immediately.

    The blue mold’s power doubles every 24 hours. If you opt into emails, you will be warned via email if the blue mold threatens your Wizard. If the blue mold threatens your Wizard, you have two potential options:

    • You can duel other Wizards until you win enough power to survive the blue mold
    • You can have your Wizard ascend

    No matter what happens to your Wizard in the tournament, it will remain in your wallet and can be used in future gameplay or third-party applications.

  • What is ascension, and why is it risky?

    If the blue mold threatens your Wizard, they have the option to ascend. If they successfully ascend, their current power triples and they’re safe from the blue mold.

    Ascension is risky! Your Wizard cannot challenge others while ascending, but if your Wizard is challenged, they will automatically accept the all-or-nothing duel. You will need to either participate in the duel or forfeit.

    When a Wizard ascends, one of three things will happen:

    1. They go unchallenged and triple their power at the end of the duel window
    2. They are challenged, win, and gain enough power to survive the next blue mold growth
    3. They are challenged, lose, and are eliminated from the tournament.
  • How do side quests work?

    Being the Big Cheeze isn’t the only way to win in Cheeze Wizards!

    Side quests are periodically revealed in Cheeze Wizards and they are unlocked when their conditions are met. If you meet the qualifying criteria, you can participate in the side quest and try to win the reward! Side quest rewards are distributed at the end of the tournament.

    You can learn more about side quests, like which ones your eligible for, on the official quest page!

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