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Cheeze Wizards
  • Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese.

    In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything.

  • The Cheeze Wizards Tournament

    The Cheeze Wizards Tournament is a test of skill, power, and cheese.

    Players summon Wizards to compete in the tournament, and every Wizard summoned increases the size of the Big Cheeze.

    Wizards battle in one-on-one duels, with the winner gaining a portion of the losing Wizard's power proportional to their victory. During the last phase of the tournament, blue mold takes over the tournament, devouring the least powerful Wizards.

    There are three phases to the Cheeze Wizards tournament:

    1. Phase I – The Gathering: You can summon Wizards and form parties
    2. Phase II – The Greet and Beat: You can summon Wizards, form parties, and duel
    3. Phase III – The Championship: Blue mold begins, and Wizards duel until only one remains

    The last and most powerful Wizard remaining in the tournament is the Big Cheeze, gaining the honor and ether that comes with the title.

  • Summoning your first Cheeze Wizard

    To compete in the Cheeze Wizards Tournament, you need a Wizard—so it's time to play with forces your mortal mind cannot comprehend!

    During Phase I and II of the tournament, you can summon as many Wizards as you want. Using the Summoning Pool, you can summon a Neutral Wizard for a fixed price, or you can summon an Elemental Wizard (Fire, Water, or Wind), with the price increasing for each one already sold. Note that the power of a Wizard is tied to its price!

    All Wizards can cast all elements. However, elemental Wizards are extra powerful at casting their native element—but when they’re casting their native element, they’re extra vulnerable to its weakness too!

  • Dueling for fun and power

    Once you have a Wizard, it's time to commit ⭐️ magical murder ⭐️. Haha, just kidding! Cheeze Wizards can't be murdered; they're immortal—their pain never ends!

    During Phase II and III of the tournament, there are three duel windows each day. During these three-hour periods, you can challenge as many Wizards as you like to a duel, and once they agree, you both choose five spells. Once both players choose their spells, the duel takes place and Wizards cast their spells over five rounds.

    • You win the round by casting the element that is effective against your opponent’s elemental spell.
    • You lose the round if your opponent casts the element your elemental spell is weak to.
    • The round is a draw if both Wizards cast the same element.

    If you do more damage than your opponent, you win the duel, and your Wizard gains a portion of the losing Wizard’s power proportional to their victory!

  • Blue mold and ascension

    During Phase III, blue mold begins to take over Tournament Tower. The blue mold’s power doubles every 24 hours. Any Wizard with less power than the blue mold is automatically removed from the tournament.

    If the blue mold threatens your Wizard, you have two potential options:

    • You can duel other Wizards until you win enough power to survive the blue mold
    • You can have your Wizard ascend

    Ascension is risky! Your Wizard cannot challenge others while ascending, but if your Wizard is challenged, they will automatically accept the duel. If you complete ascension without being challenged, your Wizard’s power triples.

The Tower